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Clean Air in Senior Living

Virus and Bacteria control is extremely challenging in this environment. RCI Environmental Solutions can implement a method of bacteria control that can reduce staff and resident illness approximately 70%.

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We Know How to Make Homes Safe for Seniors

With the sensitive immune systems of many residents, full bacteria control is of utmost importance. RCI Environ Sol. has ActivePure Technology that has been tested in FDA approved labs to kill COVID in the air IN 3 MINUTES!

We can easily assess your property to be fit for full bacteria/virus control.

RCI Environmental Solutions product line, once installed, can be used in marketing your safe environment to families for their loved ones.

Air Purification

Products for your Facility

These products are currently being used in our Assisted Living communities:

Pure & Clean Portable Model

The Aerus Pure & Clean+ is a revolutionary air purifier that substantially reduces odors, visible smoke from the air, and microbial populations on surfaces, commonly found in the average home or office environment. The Aerus Pure & Clean+ features a New & Improved PATENTED ActivePure® Cell design that delivers ActivePure® faster to the air and surfaces around you.

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pureAir 1500 – Active Air Purifier

Cleans the air throughout your home – even while you’re away

Unlike passive filters that affect only air that passes through them, pureAir 1500 projects air purifying solutions to the sources of pollution inside your home, continuously removing odors and airborne particles providing clean air. Set your desired level of cleaning for while you are home or run a deep clean while you are away and come home to pure freshness!

Induct 5000

The activTek INDUCT 5000 substantially reduces odors, visible smoke in the air, and microbial populations on surfaces*, utilizing the patent pending ActivePure Technology. ActivePure consists of a special UV light and photocatalyst target, creating an Advanced Oxidation Process containing several friendly oxidizers.

Induct 5000 Spec Sheet

A Word

From Our Customer

” Since the install of ActivePure technology, our outbreaks of illness for both staff and residents has shortened in both spread and duration. While we still have occasional illnesses, we are able to contain them to specific areas and better manage the sanitation of these areas.

Further, the maintenance of them is very affordable – that investment pays us back plus, in fewer staff call offs, fewer residents needing hospitalization or skilled nursing stays due to those illness outbreaks. “

– Cathy S.

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Common Questions

Will ActivePure reduce my outbreaks and lockdowns?

Yes…ActivePure is designed to kill pathogens, reducing outbreaks significantly

What about the immuno-compromised residents, what will ActivePure do to them?

ActivePure helps immuno-compromised people by removing the airborne particulates that cause respiratory issues

Is this costly to operate?

No it is very reasonable for all of the great benefits it provides! To purchase, It is about .25-.35/sq ft, and about .07-.10/sq ft for maintenance (model pending), which is simply changing the cell to keep the hydroperoxide levels effective.

I have odor challenges, what will ActivePure do for that?

ActivePure eliminates odors, not just covers them up.

We already do extra disinfecting and follow all the required safety does ActivePure work beyond that?

ActivePure is designed to be a non-stop method of bacteria control that disinfects every square inch of your indoor space…. both airborne and on surfaces, therefore reducing occupant illness approx. 70%