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Take the worry away regarding viruses or bacteria spreading around your school – with adequate purification coverage, results have shown a nearly 70% reduction in both student and staff illness. Rest assured with RCI.


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We Know How to Make Schools Safe for Teachers and Students

Teachers, school staff, administrators, and students, spend most hours of their day in their educational/working environment. The health and safety of EVERYONE in our schools is of paramount importance.

Poor indoor air quality can increase the spread of communicable diseases and cause discomfort such as congestion and coughing for children and adults. RCI addresses these issues with ActivePure technology – an active technology which reaches all areas, works to kill microbials in the air and on surfaces where children often touch. It works all day, every day – quiet and discreetly to protect our future adults!

Air Purification Systems

Products for School

ActivePure and GreenTech can be found in schools and Universities across the U.S. because of its proven effectiveness in the elimination of viruses, bacteria, allergens, and mold. Get the right product today!

Induct 10,000 ActivePure Cells

These models go into the supply side of HVAC and contain the patented cell that is also part of our stand alone models. Patented cell is treated with Titanium dioxide and the UV Light in combination with the metals produces thousands of air scrubbing hydroperoxides and superoxide ions. Maintenance free for a full year! Only the cell needs replacement annually!

pureAir 3000 with Hepa Filter

Patented Cell produces thousands of hydroperoxide molecules that float through your indoor spaces like an army on a mission to seek and destroy harmful pathogens both in the air and on surfaces – nonstop – 24/7.

pureAir 750: Wall Mount Air Purification

Active Air purification, no ductwork required
Easily mounts to a wall
24/7 Odor and particulate reduction

trusted by hundreds of schools

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A Word

From Our Customer

“We installed the Freshair portable models in both our Fruita and Grand Junction locations. We also happened to purchase and install these purifiers in the middle of the winter, aka…peak flu season! Within a week’s time we noticed a significant decrease in the number of children that we were having to send home due to various signs or symptoms of illness. “

– Kirk H.

Discovery Kids Learning Center

Common Questions

How will I know it’s working?

This system will completely fill your school with Hydroperoxides ….. the vapor form of Hydrogen Peroxide. When this system is running in your school, every child, backpack, pencil, desk, etc is being disinfected nonstop. Testimonials from schools have shown a 70% reduction in student and staff illness.


Is this safe for both children and adults?

YES! Most misting machines that are being used in MANY schools are spraying hydrogen peroxide. A safe and proven antibacterial. RCI Environmental products produce the VAPOR form of H2O2…..Hydroperoxides. Safe….effective…..proven….

Will this require regular Maintenance?

Models that go into the HVAC do not require maintenance once installed. Once per year the cell that produces the hydroperoxides will need to be changed out which takes about 5-8 minutes per unit. The portable models need to be dusted off monthly, and cell changed annually. There is a reminder on each unit telling it is time to be dusted off.

We mist everyday after school...what does ActivePure do beyond that?

ActivePure works non-stop without human assistance. It is safe and effective without requiring shutdown time and there are no chemicals!
Benefit.. Both of these bonuses will also show in the budget as well since you are not paying for a staff person to do the misting, and the purchase of chemicals would no longer be necessary.

Our schools are old and have no HVAC system, what can be done to eliminate the odors & bacteria?

RCI Environmental has several portable models that are perfect for classrooms, offices, locker rooms, rest rooms, gymnasiums etc. These purifiers create (undetected) hydro-peroxides and fill the targeted area, killing all bacteria, human and chemical related odors.

Are other schools using ActivePure Technology?

Yes! Several Universities have lab tested ActivePure and use it, and many school districts are also using ActivePure. ActivePure commonly reduce staff/student illness approximately 70%

Why ActivePure vs. filtration technology… don’t HEPA filters work?

Filters CAPTURE not kill.. They have NO capability to kill any living virus or bacteria. ActivePure kills the bacteria/virus WHERE IT EXISTS, keeping the occupant safe and healthier.