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Larger installations and medical facilities. While ActivePure absolutely has portable products and products for the home, most of their customers tend to be nursing homes, schools, office buildings and other larger facilities.

The cell in ALL ActivePure models was approved by the FDA for the Medical Guardian (for hospitals only)…..but this technology is inside all of our models. It is the same cell. In your home you can use either the Induct models or the plug-in model, Pure & Clean, and get the same incredible air purification as a hospital!

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Relentless in Their Pursuit of Excellence

Trusted by industry leaders, ActivePure has built partnerships that share their devotion to fighting pathogens and securing indoor air quality for all.

It is their privilege to offer their customers peace of mind.

It’s not everyday that one’s technology has the power to change the world and calm concerns. ActivePure understands that everyday individual freedom is invaluable and that their customers deserve the opportunity to live fully with confidence.

Our Vision

Trusted by Hundreds of Schools

ActivePure Technologies has a range of products from HVAC installed to portable, allowing each school to customize a system to their specific needs. In older school buildings with poor ventilation, portable units can get to work immediately to sanitize exposed surfaces and the air in occupied spaces without the cost of overhauling an HVAC system. A school can simply place an ActivePure unit in each classroom and plug it into a regular wall outlet. It is that easy.

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Devices with ActivePure Technology are an integral part of any comprehensive solution to getting students and teachers back to school. ActivePure Technology is not just an air purifier, but it also sanitizes surfaces. The units are ultra-quiet, highly efficient, and, at a cost that usually ranges from $1-$2 a square foot for the area they purify, very cost-effective.

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Maintenance of ActivePure Technology portable units is minimal.

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ActivePure is technology with integrity and a history of nearly 100 years of innovating to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

We have pushed for policies that consider the wellbeing of families, students, customers, employees, and the environment first and foremost.

We understand the value of a deep breath.

Our commitment to creating the purest indoor space possible is deeper than this moment in time—it is decades of laboratory testing, it is iteration upon iteration of our devices, and it is generations of a family invested in environments free from concerns of pathogens.

The Evidence

Proven Against Pathogens

We are working very hard to get this technology installed into every business. The importance of having full bacteria control in the world we now live in has never been greater. As bacteria is getting smarter and more resistant, we need to destroy this at the source before it has any chance to spread and breed. ActivePure Technology has been proven effective against a broad spectrum of clinically relevant pathogens. Every pathogen has a different level of resistance which is outlined in the hierarchy of pathogens below.

AP Hierarchy of Pathogens


What Customers are Saying

“The purifier works extremely well, and is very quiet. At the lowest fan level, which is fine for regular daily use, I can barely tell it’s on—even in the bedroom at night. It’s also compact and low profile.

At higher fan levels it will clear the air of bad smells and smoke within a fairly short time.”

“I have three kids at home and two dogs. I wanted to create a cleaner environment for them. So imagine my surprise when May and October both passed without a single sinus infection. It’s now been five years since I’ve had one. So to me, this technology is the BEST kept secret in the purification industry. It’s been a life-changer for us.”

“Due to the big reduction of staff illness we’ve experienced since having ActivePure operating in the bar we feel they have been very effective keeping viruses/bacteria from spreading. It’s great to offer a protect environment to our staff and customers. “